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Lists and Registers

This class provides information on the Public registers held by the Council, and other registers available to the public.

For some services the Council has  statutory responsibility to provide a Public Register.  This class of information provides details of the public registers maintained by the Council, and how they can be viewed.

The main registers, and their availability are listed below:

ServiceRegisters                       Availability                                              

Planning Applications - Information on the submission and determination of planning applications, including details of individual applications, plans, decisions and background papers.

Other planning registers include Listed Buildings,

How do I view and comment on a planning application or appeal?

Public information on individual application files can also be viewed at Appletree Court Reception.

Details of other registers can be found on Planning

LicensingThe Licensing Homepage provides details of all the different types of Licences administered by the council. These include licences for Taxis, Private Hire Vehicles, Public House and Alcohol Licences, Restaurants and Street Collections.

The Council's Registers of all Licences may be viewed at Appletree Court Lyndhurst.

Some registers are also available on the Registers and Pending Applications page.

Land ChargesWe provide a statutory Local Land Charges Register.

Land Charges is based at Appletree Court, Lyndhurst. For more information see the Local Land Charges

Building Control

We provide a statutory local Building Control Register.

Building Control is based at Appletree Court Lyndhurst.  For more information see Building Control

Environmental HealthRegisters include Food Premises Register, Cooling Towers Register, Skin Piercers Register, Animal Licensing and Caravans and CampingEnvironmental Health is based at the Town Hall, Lymington. For more information see Food and Safety
Environmental ProtectionRegisters include Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control, Stray Dogs, Contaminated Land, Radioactive Substances and Air QualityEnvironmental Health is based ay Appletree Court, Lyndhurst, for more information,
TreesThe tree officers are responsible for implementing the District Council obligations for trees, hedgerows and woodlands in the District (outside the National Park).

The Trees Section is based at Appletree Court, Lyndhurst. Tree Works Applications and TPOs may be viewed on-line. For more information see Tree Service

Electoral RegistrationRegister of ElectorsThis service is based at Appletree Court and information on how to view this Register is available from Electoral Services.
Updated: 5 Apr 2019
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