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Hedge Cutting and Shrub Bed Maintenance

Hedges  Hedge Cutting

We cut over 30,000 metres of hedge every year in council car parks, on open spaces or housing owned by the council and along some highways.

The hedges are cut twice a year, in July and November. We always try to litter pick the area around the hedge before and after cutting to keep it tidy.

Hedges on private property should be cut and maintained by the owner or occupier of the property. Advice on hedges on private property can be found here.

Shrub Bed Maintenance

Shrub beds in car parks, council housing and along the highway are cared for by the council's grounds maintenance team. They are visited throughout the year but most of the maintenance is carried out over the winter.

Shrub beds are pruned when needed in line with good horticultural practice and also where visibility and the safety of the public are issues.

Edging, weed control and litter removal is carried out when required.

Updated: 11 Jul 2016
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