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Residents Parking Permits

The Council will consider the introduction of a residents parking scheme if:-

  • 50% of all residents indicate they wish a scheme to be introduced.
  • 50% of residents have no off street parking

If you wish the Council to consider the introduction of a residents parking scheme please email :

Residents parking permit schemes are in place in the below streets. Application forms can be viewed/printed by clicking on the street name.

adobe icon Avenue Road, Brockenhurst [64kb]
adobe icon Partridge Road, Brockenhurst [105kb]

adobe icon Jones Lane, Hythe [103kb]

adobe icon Belmore Lane [100kb]
adobe icon East Hill, Lymington [64kb]
adobe icon Gosport Street, Lymington [71kb]
adobe icon North Close, Lymington [104kb]
adobe icon Southampton Road, Lymington [64kb]
adobe icon Station Street, Lymington [64kb]

adobe icon Wellands Road, Lyndhurst [63kb]

adobe icon Bickerley Road (odd numbers 7-15) [64kb]
adobe icon Bickerley Road odd 19-25 and Kingsbury's Lane [64kb]
adobe icon Hightown Road and Nursery Road, Ringwood [64kb]
adobe icon School Lane, Ringwood [64kb]

adobe icon Ringwood Road, Totton [70kb]
adobe icon Station Road North, Totton [63kb]
adobe icon Station Road South, Totton [68kb]

For further information please call 023 8028 5885 or email .

Updated: 3 Mar 2017
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