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Empty Homes

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Empty homes

New Forest District Council aims to bring long-term empty homes back into use to improve the standard of housing in the district.

Empty homes restrict the supply of housing and can blight communities, attracting anti-social behaviour and tying up the resources of housing authorities and the emergency services, which is why it is in everyone's interest to bring a property back into use.

The only effective way to reduce the negative impact of an empty home is by making it available as somewhere to live.

We can help owners of empty properties in several ways:

We offer simple, honest advice.  Whilst it is important to bring empty homes back into use, we understand there is a reason why the property is empty. We are happy to meet with you to discuss why the property is empty and what help you need to bring the property back into use.

  • Contractors - Maybe you don't know where to start? We may be able to arrange contractors to provide you with quotes for repairs.
  • Becoming a private landlord - Maybe you don't know where to start? We may be able to help with advice on what you need to do become a landlord, including bring the property back into use and the documentation that is required.
  • Private Sector Leasing scheme (PSL) - If you like the idea of earning an income from a property, but don't want the responsibility of day-to-day management you may be able to lease the property through the council who would pay you a regular income. Please contact the PSL team for further information on 02380 28 5588 and ask for Emilie Dyke
  • Selling the property - We can offer you advice on how to sell the property on the open market.

Enforcement action

Whilst we always try and assist in bringing properties back into use using informal action, there may be circumstances where formal enforcement action is required to bring it back into use.

This could include:

  • Dangerous and dilapidated buildings and drainage - Building Act 1984
  • Unsightly land and property - Town and Country Planning Act 1990
  • Premises prejudicial to health or a nuisance - Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • Property improvements, empty dwelling management orders - Housing Act 2004
  • Rodents - Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949
  • Enforced sales
  • Compulsory Purchase Orders

To report an empty property, please contact us using the above contact details


Click here for more details regarding the Private Sector Leasing Scheme

Updated: 11 Sep 2019
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