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Why are we making improvements to open spaces and footpath networks in the New Forest District?

We live in a very special area of the country with easy access to the New Forest National Park and the coast. These unique and special places are recognised internationally as rare and precious habitats that require the highest levels of protection. With an ever-growing local population and the large numbers of summer visitors the pressures on these environments is increasing. To help relieve the pressure on these sensitive areas the New Forest District Council is improving alternative, local facilities for dog walking and other activities.

These improvements include:

  • Enhancing existing green spaces
  • Enhancing the extensive network of walking routes that exist outside of the sensitive areas
  • Providing natural green spaces as part of any new residential development
  • Providing Rangers to help manage sensitive areas

These improvements involve a number of different agencies and collectively we have chosen to call all of these projects, 'Green Way' projects. All of the projects will have the same logo displayed so that you can recognise them and know that walking route and spaces are suitable for all users and dogs too.

Because we need to know if the new strategy is working,we will be monitoring the numbers of visitors to both the protected areas and the areas.

The schemes are funded through the Community Infrastructure Levy that is paid by developers as part of any new residential development.

Further information about the Mitigation Strategy, Community Infrastructure Levy and all of the projects can be found below:

adobe icon GreenWay: Loperwood Park [823kb]

adobe icon GreenWay - Dog Activities [356kb]

adobe icon GreenWay - Footpaths [2Mb]

adobe icon GreenWay - Grass and Trees [583kb]

adobe icon GreenWay - General Information [101kb]

Updated: 13 Mar 2017
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