Welcome to New Forest Health and Leisure's Swim Academy

Our well established swim academy runs six days per week and teaches over 4000 children and adults to swim across our five Health and Leisure centres. Our instructors are highly trained and qualified and follow lessons as structured by Swim England. The Swim England Learn to Swim Programme is the leading national teaching syllabus for delivering safe, inclusive and effective swimming lessons for all ages.

What do I need to do on my/my child's first session?

Every new swimmer in our children's lessons must collect a yellow wrist band from reception so the teacher knows they are brand new and will keep an extra special eye on them. All new swimmers will need to pop to reception before their first lesson to collect their membership card

I've already paid will I need to tell reception I'm here for my lesson?

Yes, if it is you first lesson you will need to collect your yellow wrist band to identify to the swim teacher that your child is a new starter. For all subsequent lessons any of our pre-paid academy members will be able to swipe through the turnstiles with their swimming card. That goes for both Direct Debit and those of our customers who have chosen to pay the annual price

Do I need a swimming cap or arm bands?

No, but long hair must be tied up and any necessary equipment such as armbands and floats will be supplied by the centre

Are there any benefits to being a swim academy member?

You will receive priority over new students joining the academy when you pass stages. Also, all our academy members (under 17yrs only) are entitled to FREE public swimming including Fun Time (excludes Inflatable Fun Time) at all five Health and Leisure Centres.

What are intensive swimming lessons?

We offer Intensive Lessons during some of the school holiday periods. You book on and attend every day for a whole week. This is sometimes just the push that your child needs to get them onto that next stage. Just ask at reception and they will let you know when the next intensive lessons will be taking place

What should I do if my child is unwell?

If your child has just a runny nose but feels happy and active, you will be able to come to your swimming lesson unless your GP has advised you otherwise

Never come to your swimming lesson if you and/or your child have any illness, such as, but not limited to: chest infection, conjunctivitis, measles, impetigo, ear infections, asthma or a heavy cold (first days of the cold). Please DO NOT come to your swimming lesson until the symptoms have cleared at least 48 hours prior to your swimming lesson or when your doctor has given the all-clear

My child has had an upset tummy, how long before they can come swimming again?

Under no circumstances must anyone suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting attend swimming during illness and up to 48 hours after full recovery and stools have returned to normal.
If you are concerned about any medical condition, we ask that you always check with your GP before coming to any lessons

Do I need to let the academy know if my child is unwell?

You only need to inform us of non-attendance for a period of more than four weeks you can do this by emailing us at swim.academy@nfdc.gov.uk

Can I freeze my membership?

We will only freeze a membership for medical reasons and only for a maximum period of three months. You will need to provide evidence of this and we will only begin your freeze from the date we receive the medical proof, we cannot back date the freeze to the beginning of your child's illness or injury so we advise you do this as quickly as possible. You can provide your medical proof one of two ways, either pop along to the centre where the reception staff can take a copy, or email a scanned copy to HLDDadmin@nfdc.gov.uk

What will happen to my child's place if I freeze my membership?

Your child's place will be held for three months from the date your medical proof is supplied, after three months your place will be reallocated and you may have to reapply.

Do the lessons run all year?

The lessons will run in line with the Swim Academy Calendar, this calendar shows when the lessons will run and when they will break for Easter, Christmas and over the summer holidays and we strongly recommend you download a copy to keep for your reference.

So what about Christmas, Easter and over the summer when the classes don't run? Will I still be charged?

Our payment schemes are already worked out pro-rata to take into account the times that lessons don't run like at Christmas or Easter. We do not take a payment in August, because our academy calendar breaks for a longer period of four weeks

I need to change my bank details, can I do this online?

No, unfortunately we can only change bank details at the reception desk; you will need to resupply the following forms of proof from the direct debit account holder

  • bank details i.e. bank statement, cheque book
  • identity i.e. passport, driving licence, birth certificate
  • address i.e. utility bill, credit card statement, addressed payslip (dated within the last three months)

What will happen if the session is cancelled?

In certain circumstances we may have to cancel a lesson, if this happens then a credit for the value of the missed session will be added to your account so you can rebook or the following month's direct debit will be adjusted accordingly.

My class is on a Bank Holiday, will I get a refund?

The direct debit will be adjusted accordingly the following month to ensure you will not be out of pocket

I've changed my mind, can I cancel?

Should you wish to cancel the membership within seven days from your first lesson, we will do so. Refunds will be given less any amount of the membership you have already used. After seven days we ask for a minimum three month commitment, after the three months is up you can cancel at any time

Can I see your terms and conditions?

Yes, please thoroughly ready through our Membership T&Cs before you apply

How do I keep a track of my/my child's progress?

If you haven't already, register for the Learn2 Home Portal, here you can check live progress for yourself or your child and see what the pupil still needs to work on. Upon receiving an email that you or your child are ready move up a stage you will also be able to check live availability and move yourself or your child in to any spaces available. You will need the email address you entered on the application form and the number on the back of your or your child's swimming card.

Button - Learn2 This link opens in a new browser window

What happens when I/my child passes a stage?

When a swimmer meets the criteria of their current stage, the Learn2 Home Portal will notify you automatically via an email, enabling you to move your child to the next stage (subject to availability)

I/My child haven't/hasn't moved up a stage for a long time, who can help?

Please email us at swim.academy@nfdc.gov.uk with your concerns and they will endeavour to answer your question or will arrange for you to be contacted by the centre staff

I am/my child is ready to move up what if the session that would suit me is full at the moment?

You can email us at swim.academy@nfdc.gov.uk remembering to state; centre used, full name (or child's full name), date of birth (or child's date of birth). One of our trained advisors will contact you to discuss your options. If your child is not able to move up a stage immediately, don't worry, the swim instructor will work toward the higher grades syllabus within the existing class until a place becomes available - although this should only be considered as a short term solution

I want to change lessons because the time is no longer suited to me/my child, can I do this?

You can browse our timetables from the Aquababes, beginners and above or adult lessons pages to see when your centre of preference run lessons and then email the swim Academy stating preference. Our receptionists in the centres would also be able to help you but only to move to a different day or time, not to move up a stage.