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Children love to climb, run, jump and tumble around the house. In fact a small child's body is his or her best learning tool. It is tough, durable and extremely strong for its size. What better way is there to teach a child than through his/her body? This is what our Gym Tots programme sets out to do safely, in an environment that they find interesting and fun.

Age1 - 4yrs
How to bookEither pop into the centre or give us a call


Course PricesMonthly Annual        
30 minute course£16£160
40-60 minute course£21£210
75-90 minute course£26£260

Available at

  • Applemore
  • Ringwood
  • Totton
  1. Tuesday
  2. 9.15AM - 9.55AM Sports Hall (3-4yrs) Laura Course
  3. 10.00AM - 10.40AM Sports Hall (1-2yrs) Laura Course
  4. 10.45AM - 11.25AM Sports Hall (2-3yrs) Laura Course
  5. 11.30AM - 12.10PM Sports Hall (3-4yrs) Laura Course
  6. Wednesday
  7. 9.30AM - 10.10AM Sports Hall (1-2yrs) Lou Course
  8. 10.15AM - 10.55AM Sports Hall (2-3yrs) Lou Course
  9. 11.00AM - 11.40AM Sports Hall (3-4yrs) Lou Course
  1. Tuesday
  2. 9.30AM - 10.15AM Playsite 2-3yrs Claire Course
  3. 10.30AM - 11.15AM Playsite 1-2yrs Claire Course
  4. Thursday
  5. 9.30AM - 10.15AM Playsite 1-3yrs Claire Course
  1. Monday
  2. 10.45AM - 11.25AM Sports Hall (2-3yrs) Mary Course
  3. 11.30AM - 12.10PM Sports Hall (3-4yrs) Mary Course
  4. Tuesday
  5. 12.55PM - 1.35PM Sports Hall (2-3yrs) Mary Course
  6. 1.40PM - 2.20PM Sports Hall (3-4yrs) Mary Course
  7. 2.25PM - 3.05PM Sports Hall (1-2yrs) Mary Course
  8. Thursday
  9. 10.00AM - 10.40AM Sports Hall (5mth - 1yr) Mary Class
  10. 10.45AM - 11.25AM Sports Hall (1-2yrs) Mary Course
  11. 11.30AM - 12.10PM Sports Hall (2-3yrs) Mary Course
  12. 12.15PM - 12.55PM Sports Hall (3-4yrs) Mary Course