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The fastest and most exciting racquet sport

Badminton is one of the fastest and most exciting racket sports in the world. Lightning reflexes, ultra fitness, tactics, finesse and power all combine to produce breathtaking rallies and fantastic games. So it's no surprise that badminton is a prestigious Olympic sport with an impressive following in Europe and Asia.

Badminton is ideal for those preferring a gentler, more relaxed pace and a sociable game. The rackets and shuttles are unbelievably light, so you don't need strength, just timing. And like fitness, good timing comes with practice.

Social badminton is such fun that you won't even notice the exercise you're getting, and the level of fitness you build up will surprise you

Sports scientists estimate that a top badminton player will cover twice the distance of a top tennis player in half the time, so there's none fitter than the badminton elite player.

Can I play?

Yes, badminton can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.

Where can I play?

All five centres offer badminton court bookings.

What should I wear?

We suggest that you wear short sleeved t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit bottoms and soft white soled shoes so as they don't mark the court.

How much will it cost?

Off peak, before 5pm Adult £7.00Junior £5.50 
Peak, after 5pm and weekendsAdult £9.50Junior £7.00

Price applies to the court, not individuals.

Can I hire the equipment at the centre?

We have rackets available for hire and you can purchase shuttlecocks from reception. Badminton racket hire   £1.00 (£5 Deposit).

How do I book?

Pop along to your local centre or telephone our information and bookings line on 023 8028 5531.  It is best to book in advance.

Please can we remind all customers that it is important to keep hydrated whilst exercising. Therefore, please ensure you bring along a water bottle for this purpose. Water bottle filling facilities are available in a number of areas throughout our centres.