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We are proud to offer great value for money with both our full memberships and our pay-as-you-go options. You can also rest assured that there are no hidden fees such as joining or admin fees and our direct debit options are only a three month commitment. Plus our Fitness Direct memberships come with a adobe icon 'Price For Life' [52kb] promise  which basically means that you will always pay the price that you joined at with no yearly price increases!

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(Excludes Joint and family memberships, Swim Academy, Course Direct)

LG - Fitness Direct

Wish to visit more than twice a week and use the gyms, pools and classes? Then Fitness Direct is the name of our full membership and is designed for you. Membership includes unlimited access to the most popular facilities and activities at each centre from as little as £23 per month for students, £34 per month for seniors, concessions and off peak, £45 standard or £38 corporate.

LG - Swim Direct

Is it just swimming that you are interested in?  Then this membership enables you to enjoy use of all five health and leisure centre pools as well as sauna and steam facilities and Pool based group fitness classes.

LG - teen-active-223x138

Aged 12 - 17yrs and wish to visit once or twice a week? Then Teen Active is the name of our pay-as-you-go membership designed for you.

LG - senior-active-223x138

Aged 65yrs or over and wish to visit once or twice a week? Then Senior Active is the name of our pay-as-you-go membership designed for you.

Or ...

Planning on visiting infrequently or only for a short period? Our Standard pay-as-you-go option is designed for you. Standard non member rates will apply for all activities.

Please note - all our centres have high school educational use of the facilities during school terms and school hours. This may impact on the availability of some areas and facilities within the centre during these times.