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B - Reflection

Benefits of regular use of the Sauna and Steam room.

Our sauna and steam rooms are a wonderfully peaceful and tranquil environment to help relax those aching muscles and joints.
These facilities are offered to help all of us take a little 'time out' from our hectic lives on a regular basis.
So why not treat yourself?

Reflection sauna and steam

Senior Active / concessionary adult£3.60

Includes a free swim

  • Relaxation: regular use of the sauna and steam room quickly promotes a deep and thorough relaxation without putting a strain on the body, it relieves tension and the heat from the sauna soothes your nerve endings and also warms and relaxes your muscles. Heat from the sauna causes the body to release endorphins, or "feel good" chemicals that reduces the feeling of stress on the body. These hormones are also proven to treat muscle cramps and pain and joint pain and spasm, thanks to their morphine-like properties.
  • Reduces Toxins: your body expells waste through sweat, sitting in a sauna for as little as 20 minutes or less can rid the body of an entire day's sweat and all of the toxins that come with it. Regular visits can also lead to extra sweat loss and will help even shed a few extra pounds of water weight. 
  • Stronger Heart: your body's reaction to the heat and humidity is similar to the way that it reacts to mild exercise, getting your heart pumping and making it stronger without putting a strain on your body. This makes it a gentle and effective way to keep your heart and circulatory system healthy.
  • Better Health: regular visits help prevent everyday health issues such as fatigue, tension, stress, and the common cold. Increased production of antibodies through alternating application of heat and cold makes the body more resistant to infection.
  • Improved Recovery: your muscles need to be stretched and relaxed after they are exercised in order to recover quickly. When muscles are exercised their tiny fibres break apart, when these fibres heal back together the muscle gains mass and improved strength. The warm and relaxing environment of the sauna speeds up this process and you may see better results from your regular work-outs.

Important medical advice 

If you are unsure whether our Reflection facilities would be suitable for you, please click here for our medical advice