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Chilling out is just as important as working out

Reflection Sauna and Steam rooms* is a wonderfully peaceful and tranquil environment to help relax those aching muscles and joints. Why not pamper yourself in the sauna and steam rooms, the perfect place to unwind after a stressful day.

Use of Reflections can be on a casual pay-as-you-go basis or included in a more permanent membership deal for our regular users.

Sauna and steam facilities are offered to help provide the cleansing and relaxation properties that are beneficial for all of us to take 'time out' from our hectic lives on a regular basis. So treat yourself to this fantastic revitalising experience which helps promote enhanced blood circulation, quicker recovery from strenuous gym sessions and general relaxation.

The nice bits, benefits include

Regular sauna visits are a gentle but effective way to keep the heart and circulatory system in shape.

Our body is conditioned by the alternating application of heat and cold and is more resistant to infection as a result of this and the increased production of antibodies in the mucus membranes. Sweating removes waste products from the fluid between the tissue cells.

Sweating also acts to prevent everyday health disorders such as fatigue, loss of vitality , tension, stress and colds, which are particularly feared by athletes.

No other measure can comparably promote strong and thorough circulation and relaxation in so short a time and without putting a strain on the body.

Athletes have long known that the sauna is good for muscle cramps and muscle pain as the production of adrenal hormones when in the sauna can have a pain relieving effect.

Heat therapy can treat muscle and joint pain because there is increased release of B-endorphins, which stop pain and promote euphoria thanks to their morphine-like properties.

The must read bits, medical guidelines

Please consult your doctor before using the sauna or steam rooms if you experience any of the following:
Pregnancy, heart disorders, abnormal blood pressure, respiratory or circulatory problems, Diabetes, excess fluid retention, any skin complaint which may be aggravated by heat. You are advised to seek medical advice if you have any other health condition which could be effected by using the sauna / steam.

You should never use the sauna or steam rooms when under the influence of alcohol, drugs or directly after a heavy meal. Swim wear must be worn at all times whilst using these facilities. Users must be 16yrs+.

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