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Miracles, goals, successes and personal triumphs are everyday occurrences in our health and leisure centres. In our adobe icon Inspire - September 2016 edition [2Mb] we highlight just a few of the successes that local people have had with the support of our fantastic staff.

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Richard's story
At 72 years of age had always tried to keep himself reasonably fit and healthy. However, the loss of a dear friend much younger than himself made him re-evaluate his life.

Carol's story
Carol had surgery and chemotherapy treatment nine years ago, but despite  being quite an active person, swimming two mornings a week before work she could not shift the weight she had gained. Could the 90 day challenge be the answer?

Cathie's story
A diet & exercise routine is now part of Cathie's everyday life, thanks to the 90 day challenge. 

Alison's story
Alison was already a cyclist, but decided to join the 90 day challenge as she needed a push.

Lou's story
Lou lost 4cms off her hips, 5cms from her waist, and reduced her body fat from 31.6 to 28.1 with the help of the 90 day challenge.

Tim's story
A journey from size XXXXL to size M, just amazing!

Emma's story
Emma had always struggled with her weight. From a very early age she was bullied at school which made her turn to food for comfort. But that's all changed now!

Dudley's story
On a semi-healthy diet, plenty of walking and cycling yet the problem with of his Type 2 Diabetes persisted, until he became a member of New Forest Health and Leisure!

Noel's story
Beginning to feel like he was slowing down and following a full health check and a consultation with his doctor his results were back, and generally, he was fit and well. However, his blood pressure was starting to creep up resulting in 'mild-hypertension' and he could do with losing a few pounds.

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Fiona's story
Following a healthy eating plan was not going to get her to her weight loss goal, so with great trepidation she joined the gym at New Milton Health & Leisure.

Frances's story
Frances dropped from a dress size 20 to 14, then took part in her first Triathlon aged 65yrs.

Dave's story
Whilst replacing last year's calendar Dave realised that during 2013 he had lost over 55lbs. At about 1lb a week, all the small changes had added up to nearly four stone!

Jo's story
The tragic and sudden lose of her husband, and the realisation that she was now a lone parent, made her re-assess her own health and fitness.

Angela's story
 A regular gym user, 'what more could she possibly achieve'?

Danny's story
Danny comes to the gym with his support worker Marion. She says ' I have noticed such a big improvement in Danny since he started having one to one training sessions'.

Sue's story
Now reaping the benefits of one to one Personal Training.

Tony's story
Following a heart attack Tony became overweight and unfit. Find out how Phil at Ringwood Health & Leisure helped him feel fitter and more energetic.

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Elijah's story
Depressed, overweight with dangerously high blood pressure.  Find out how Applemore Health and Leisure helped change his life.

Paul's story
Paul needed to get him back on track following chemotherapy, sleep apnoea, diabetes, weight problems and a heart attack!

Janine's story
After the death of her grandad, Janine piled on the weight, nervously sets foot in a gym for the first time!

Andrew's story
Andrew was tipping the scales at 18st 2lbs but now thanks to the instructors at Lymington Health and Leisure he can now class himself as fit.

Dave's story
After just 10 sessions Dave had lost one and a half stone with the help of qualified instructors at Totton Health and Leisure.

Sandra's story
Discovering that she had a medical condition which affected her fertility, she though that she might never have children.  Thanks to the help of staff at Totton Health and Leisure, after weight loss is now eligible to begin NHS fertility treatment.

Steve's story
Steve had battled with ME for several years and was confined to a wheelchair.  After the help and dedication from staff at Totton Health and Leisure he is now able to walk into the gym and the future looks bright!

Ella's story
 Applemore Health and Leisure Swim Academy pupil Ella, is nominated for a top prize at this year's Southern Water Learn to Swim Achiever awards.

So, is it now your turn?