Booking , attendance and cancellation policy


All fitness classes / courses must be booked and paid for prior to you entering the class / course using one of our booking systems below. (Courses can only be booked in centre or by telephone not online.)

Online / Telephone / In centre

Fitness Direct, Senior Active and Teen Active members can book fitness classes up to eight days in advance.
Non members can book fitness classes up to seven days in advance.
Courses can be booked up to 90 days in advance

Attending a fitness class or course

Please ensure you arrive for your class / course in time for the start, particularly if you are attending for the first time. It is important that you and the instructor have time to discuss the session, any injuries you may have and that you are able to complete the warm up. If you arrive late, please do not be offended if the instructor asks you to leave if they believe your late arrival may put you at risk of injury.

If you have pre booked a class / course, on arrival at the centre Fitness Direct, Senior Active, Teen Active and non members who have a 'User Card' must scan in at the turnstiles or at reception before attending a fitness class, failure to do so will result in you being recorded as a non attendee*.

Customers without User Cards must record their attendance at reception.

Class Cancellations

All customers wishing to cancel a fitness class may do so up to two hours prior to its commencement.

Fitness Direct members can cancel classes online if they made the original booking this way, by telephoning 023 8028 5531 or in person at the centre during centre opening times.

Senior Active, Teen Active and non members can cancel classes by telephoning 023 8028 5531 or in person at the centre during centre opening times.

Where a customer provides up to two hours cancellation notice they will be offered a transfer to an alternative class within the next seven days of that cancellation notice. A class booking can only be transferred once. No refunds will be given for cancelled classes if a suitable alternative is not available.

If a customer fails to provide the minimum two hours notice, no transfer will be offered and no refund will be given and they will be recorded as a non attendee*

Course Cancellations

Once a customer has booked onto a course no refunds or credits will be issued for any non-attendance .

Should a customer become unwell / injured during the course no refunds will be given, however a credit maybe considered if the illness/injury period is for a minimum of 1 month and maximum of 3 months. This must be applied for in writing and must be supported with a GP/ Health Specialist letter.

NFDC reserves the right to change the Group Fitness class / Course Instructor(s) and location without prior notice. No refunds will be given under these circumstances. If a class / course is cancelled by NFDC all customers will be contacted by our staff where possible, those on classes will be transfer to another class, those on courses will be issued with a credit to use against the next course. No refunds will be given.

*Fitness Direct members, who are recorded as a class non attendees will be charged £3.00 (payable in centre or by telephone) and their membership online booking facility blocked. If a member is on a joint or family membership all linkees will effected by the charge and all linkees will have their online booking facility blocked as a result.