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What is COPD Circuit?

A referral class specifically for clients with pulmonary conditions.  Attendee should have a referral from a health professional to attend the class and have a health assessment before starting.  Speak to your Active Lifestyle advisor for more information or to check suitability.


Any medication that may be required during exercise (Inhalers, Oxygen, etc)
Loose, comfortable clothing for maximum movement
Suitable non-slip footwear
Water/drinks bottle
Small towel
£1 deposit for locker

Check out times and centres

  • New Milton
  1. Tuesday
  2. 2.45PM - 3.45PM Studio 1 Louise James Referral class
  3. Thursday
  4. 1.30PM - 2.30PM Studio 1 Louise James Referral class

Class prices

Standard: £4.00
Active Lifestyles: £3.60
Fitness Direct: Included
Senior Active: £3.40
Concessionary: £4.00


Need to know

Age - 14yrs+
Pre-booking recommended
Group Fitness class booking, attendance and cancellation policy