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We have implemented a new IT system called Learn2, which allows swimming lessons to be delivered more effectively through electronic registration and assessment procedures.

As part of this new IT system, our Swim Instructors are now using IPods on poolside to record attendance and also update your child (ren)'s progress.

Learn2 is an ASA-endorsed solution to allow parents and guardians greater visibility of their child (ren)'s progress through courses and a smoother progression through the swim levels.

The portable poolside devices allow instructors to upload assessment information during the lesson itself, rather than writing it down or relying on memory for write up at a future point in time. Parents can view progress against the course content online through the Home Portal software component. (Please see below)

Where appropriate and initiated by the class instructor, parents can move their child to the next course online from the comfort of their own home. Children progress at different rates through classes, so the use of a continuous assessment scheme allows children to progress to the next level without having to hold them back until the end of the course. Spaces are freed up sooner, meaning waiting lists can also be dramatically reduced.

To log in, all you need is the email address you provided reception with, and the number from the back of your child's membership/swimming card.

Now simply use the 'Lesson Portal link' on the right hand side of this page to get started!