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Health & Leisure Review 

For more information on the review of  the Health & Leisure service please see New Forest District Council's website at

Changes to the way you book and cancel classes

From 1 January 2019 the Customer Services Centre will no longer process straightforward class bookings or class cancellations over the telephone. This service will now only be accessible online, via our Health and Leisure App or over the counter at our Centres.  To download our leisure app or register for Connect online .

Non-members whom have made a payment for a class booking and wish to transfer the booking to another date/time please call as usual for telephone assistance, pop into a Centre or, if available use our live chat service.

New customers who need to register for online services, please call for telephone assistance, pop into a Centre or, if available use our live chat service.

Membership renewal letters

From January 2019 we will no longer be sending membership renewal letters. These will be replaced with email reminders, therefore if you wish to continue to receive reminders, please ensure we have your correct email address on our systems. You can do this by either visiting reception, emailing or click here to update your details by logging into Connect and selecting 'My Account'.

Class cancellation period

After further consideration and listening to all customer feedback, we have decided to postpone the decision to change the cancellation period from two to six hours and we will now further review the situation in April 2019.  Unfortunately, for many reasons, the volume of late cancellations has historically meant that we have had difficulties in re booking many of these class spaces. Therefore, popular high demand classes are running with empty spaces when we have members frustrated at not being able to book with enough time to attend.  We often check booking sheets prior to the class beginning and are astounded that in some cases over 30% of initial bookings have cancelled their space within hours of the class commencing.

We are very aware that there are a minority of customers that block book and multi book classes, with the intention of 'deciding later' if they are going to attend.  This cannot continue and therefore forced us to re-consider our booking processes.  Unfortunately our IT booking system does not have the capabilities to recognise double bookings or regular members who serially cancel their bookings late in the day and we do not have the resources to introduce new systems.

Of course, we do understand that there will inevitably be circumstances beyond your control that result in cancellations.  However, once again, we ask that customers only book classes that they 'intend to attend' and we look forward to seeing a decline in last minute cancellations. 

If nothing else, this debate has raised awareness of the issues and we very much appreciate your feedback.