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Summary of overall performance 2013/14

The council's aim to improve the recycling rates following the inception of the kerbside glass collection scheme through targeted campaigns and promotions have managed to collect an extra 665 tonnes of additional glass to the year ending March 2013. This represents only a part years collection for the whole NFDC area as the scheme was phased in over a 6 month period.

However mixed dry recycling from the kerbside and paper banks has reduced resulting in the overall recycling percentage to slightly decreased and over the coming year several campaigns and initiatives to improve this are in the planning stage.

This and other initiatives will help the council to achieve it's overall aim of protecting the environment and promoting the wise use of natural resources.

Over 28% of all household waste collected is sorted at the 'materials recycling facility' with items such as paper, glass, cans and plastics being recycled and sold to sustainable markets. These markets have provided a valuable income to the council which has increased over this financial year.

Selection of current performance indicators:

   Actual 2010/11Actual 2011/12Actual 2012/13Actual 2013/14Actual 2014/15
Percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling and compostingBigger is Better%33.0430.129.6729.1130.31

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Updated: 22 Dec 2015
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