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Applications - Building Notice

Does not generally require the submission of plans and as such no written Notice of Approval is issued prior to work commencing, with the emphasis placed on site control. It is therefore essential that the person undertaking the work is confident that it will comply with the regulations or risk having to correct it at the request of Building Control.

Advantages of the Building Notice

Savings in time and costs by not having to prepare and submit detailed plans.

Disadvantages of the Building Notice

No Approved Plan to work to. Whilst the Building Control Surveyor will endeavour to anticipate potential problems, delays and costly remedial works may be necessary if the work carried out does not comply with the Building Regulations.

Builders' estimates may be inaccurate without the benefit of full design information.

Fees are required for docs icon Building Notices [66kb] unless the works are within certain categories for disabled persons.

Updated: 11 Nov 2014
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