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Dog Warden Service

The Dog Warden Service promotes responsible dog ownership within the New Forest.

Tel - 023 8028 5000, option 4 

The service deals with the symptoms of irresponsible dog ownership :

  • Straying dogs
  • Aggressive Dogs
  • Dog Fouling

We promise to:

  • respond to all general complaints as soon as possible but always within three working days
  • respond urgently to sightings of stray dogs
  • collect strays dogs and keep them safely for a maximum of seven days for collection by the owner (subject to the payment of a fee)
  • operate a non-destruction policy for any dog not re-claimed and working with partner organisations to get the dogs rehomed
  • talk to schools and other groups
  • enforce dog-related by-laws and the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996
  • operate a micro chipping service to promote responsible ownership

Stray Dogs

Please follow the link to Stray Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

The dog next door is always barking. What can I do?

Barking dogs are dealt with by the Environmental Protection Department

Is my dog allowed on the beach?

At present, dogs are allowed on all beaches within the New Forest. The only exception is a seasonal ban at the beach at Lepe Country Park, which is maintained by Hampshire County Council.

Does my dog require identification?

From 6 April 2016 your dog must be micro-chipped, by law. This will allow your dog to be quickly identified if it is collected by the Dog Warden Service or taken to the Vets, for example.

Your dog must also wear a collar and tag by law, when out in a public place, which includes the owners name and address. You may also wish to include your telephone number. Such information will assist the dog being reunited with the owner promptly.

Does my dog need to be licensed?

No. There is no current requirement for your dog to be licensed.

Does the Council offer a micro-chipping service?


Dog Fouling - The Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996

It is an offence, in certain parts of the forest,  to fail to clear up after your dog.

The penalty for contravening the Act is a £50 fixed penalty fine. If the fine is not paid within fourteen days, then this may lead to prosecution in the magistrates court with a maximum fine of £1000.

Patrols are carried out in areas that are regularly fouled.

Please contact the Dog Warden Service for further information.

My neighbour doesn't clear up after their dog has fouled in their garden and it is causing a smell and attracting flies. What can I do?

We would advise that in the first instance you speak with your neighbour. If this does not resolve the situation then you can contact the Environmental Protection Department on 023 8028 5411.

We would like dog-waste bins in our area. What can I do?

Please contact Customer Services on 023 8028 5000 for further information.

Where can I get Poop-Scoop bags?

They can be purchased from the Council Offices.

Please contact Customer Services on 023 8028 5000 for further information.

Dangerous dogs

The Police deal with dog attacks on people and livestock

They can be contacted on 0845 045 4545.

It is also advisable to contact your Doctor or NHS Direct on 0845 4647 if you have been bitten.

Does my dog have to wear a muzzle?

If you know that your dog may try to bite people or other animals when in public, it would be sensible for it to wear a muzzle.

The Magistrates' Court can order that a dog be muzzled if it considers that it has been out of control or has acted dangerously.

Please note that a dog should never be left alone whilst wearing a muzzle

Are there any dog breeds that are banned in the UK?

Four breeds are banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991: They are:

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Braziliero

I would  like to give an unwanted dog a home. Who do I contact?

Contact your nearest dog re-homing centre.

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Updated: 16 Dec 2016
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