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Children and Young People's CAN

The Children and Young People's CAN (Community Action Network) aims to deliver the best opportunities and highest quality services specifically to young people, whatever their background or ability, in order to:

Children and Young Peoples CAN

  • Develop a healthy lifestyle, emotional wellbeing and confidence.
  • Enjoy their childhood.
  • Achieve personal goals and ambitions.
  • Develop the skills and self confidence to make fully informed choices for themselves.
  • Develop an understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens and members of their community.
  • Live in a safe and secure environment.

The CAN works within the ambit of the Local Children's Partnership (LCP), which brings organisations together to provide a collective strategic approach to provision for children and young people in the District.

LCP Vision

"The care a community expresses for a child becomes the simplest and most meaningful measure of that community's regard for itself."

The New Forest Local Children's Partnership (LCP) will reduce the impact of poverty on children and young people through creating equality of opportunity and improved life chances in the diverse locality that is the New Forest.  We will provide the means by which all children and young people will achieve their potential and value learning as a lifelong activity.

LCP Priorities

The New Forest LCP is committed to supporting the aims and priorities of the Hampshire Children & Young People Plan (2012-2015).  For the period 2014 and 2015 the LCP will focus on the following priority areas:

1.    Involving young people in the direction, development and delivery of the New Forest Children's Partnership
2.    Reducing the incidence and impact of poverty on the achievement and life chances of children and young people
3.    Supporting the commissioning of local activity that enables the delivery of the CYP Plan and local priorities
4.    Promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing inequalities, with a focus on mental health
5.    Supporting the development of training provision to meet local needs

Each priority will have a nominated lead and, where agreed, there will be a sub-group to lead on the priority area.

The LCP will support the development of key work streams:

1.    Supporting Troubled Families
2.    Early Help

Updated: 1 Sep 2015
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