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Head of Housing & Customer Services - Glynne Miles

Glynne Miles

Responsible for the strategic direction of the housing service, dealing with homelessness, private sector housing and the effective management of the council's stock of over 5,000 dwellings (including 100 leasehold properties), which includes collecting approx. £50m per annum in housing rents

Also responsible for a wide range of frontline customer services and other support services including:

- The council's contact centre & help desk which deals with the majority of telephone, emails and web enquiries from customers regarding services and the local  in the district

- The billing, collection and recovery of council tax (approx. £100m per annum from 70,000 properties), Business Rates (approx £50m per annum from 5,500 properties) and all sundry income.

- The payment of housing and council tax benefits. (approx £50m per annum to 18,000 claimants).

- The internal support service includes postal services and the council's courier, secretarial support and other general administrative functions

- The Council's lead liaison officer with New Forest Citizens Advice Bureau

Resources Summary

Number of employees responsible forAnnual Service Expenditure Budget (2015/16)Annual Service Income Budget (2015/16)
136.93 full time equivalent employees£58 million

£76.6 million

This counts people in posts, including cover for maternity and long term sickness where necessary.  It does not count vacant posts that are not currently filled.

Updated: 12 Oct 2015
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