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Head of Information and Communication Technology Services - Ken Connolly

Ken Connolly Ken Connolly is the Head of ICT Services and as such is responsible for the development and support of the council's ICT infrastructure including all servers, PCs, software applications, data communications and all telephone systems.

ICT Services is responsible for the strategic development of ICT to support the council's corporate plan. ICT Services comprises 30 employees supporting over 1000 customers based across all of the council's operating premises (including health and leisure centres and depots).

Finally, ICT Services provides advice, guidance and specific training to all employees and council members that use ICT to undertake their work.

Resources Summary

Number of employees responsible forAnnual Service Expenditure Budget (2015/16)Annual Service Income Budget (2015/16)
28.66 full time equivalent employees£3.1 million


This counts people in posts, including cover for maternity and long term sickness where necessary.  It does not count vacant posts that are not currently filled.

Updated: 17 Apr 2015
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