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Monitoring Officer and Head of Legal and Democratic Services - Grainne O'Rourke

Grainne O'Rourke, Executive Head of Governance and Regulation

Responsible for providing a comprehensive in-house legal service to all departments of the council, covering many areas of the law including civil litigation, criminal prosecution, planning law, housing law, environmental health law and licensing as well as public enquiry work.  Her service is also responsible for freedom of information and data protection issues and corporate complaints.

The service supports  and ensures that the council's decision-making bodies i.e.  run smoothly and operate within a legal framework.

The Head of Legal and Democratic Services is also the council's Monitoring Officer, a statutory role concerned with upholding the high standards of conduct amongst elected members as well as ensuring that decisions of the council are lawful.

Resources Summary

Number of employees responsible forAnnual Service Expenditure Budget (2015/16)Annual Service Income Budget (2015/16)
19.32 full time equivalent employees£1.6 million


This counts people in posts, including cover for maternity and long term sickness where necessary.  It does not count vacant posts that are not currently filled.

Updated: 17 Apr 2015
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