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Local Plan Review 2016-2036

village lane Local Plan Review 2016-2036 timetable update 8 March 2018

In a constructive and encouraging Local Plan advisory visit the Planning Inspectorate has recommended that we re-profile our Local Plan timetable, and with the draft NPPF revisions to consider we have accepted that advice.

We were intending to report the Local Plan to Cabinet and Council around Easter, then to finalise all the supporting documents and statements to commence pre-submission consultation in June. We will now instead complete all the supporting material first, so that it is all available to inform the Council's Local Plan decision. A special Council will be arranged on 6 June 2018 to follow the scheduled Cabinet meeting.

Subject to Council's decision the Local Plan pre-submission representation period will start as soon as practicable after the meetings on 6 June, in the same time consultation period as originally intended.

An updated timetable is illustrated below. However, this may be subject to change arising from continuing work on our evidence base, or from any significant issues that might arise during the public representations period.

Updated Local Plan timetable

Updated Local Plan timetable

Technical work update

An up to date assessment of Objectively Assessed Housing Need (OAN) has been completed by JG Consulting on behalf of New Forest District Council and the New Forest National Park Authority, using the most up to date and credible information currently available. The recommended OAN for the district as a whole is 584 dwellings per annum, with a need for 521 of those being in the district outside the National Park. adobe icon Objectively Assessed Housing Need (OAN) Final Report October 2017 [803kb]

The three matters under current investigation are:

  • Air quality (Habitat Regulations): the effects of emissions from cumulative traffic growth on internationally protected habitats. Work to date has not screened out all potentially significant effects. Baseline data limitations necessitate further ecological fieldwork in some specific areas to conclude whether or not any significant effects are likely.  

  • Water quality (Habitat Regulations): the cumulative impact of phosphorus discharges from treatment works on the water quality of the River Avon. Plausible solutions exist to reduce phosphorus levels, but the process to identify and agree the solutions is complex. Subject to appropriate measures it is unlikely that any potential Local Plan strategic site allocations will be ruled out, but their delivery phasing may be affected.

  • Flood risk: new flood risk mapping identifies new risks of flooding on sites proposed in Ringwood and Bransgore. Further flood assessment (SFRA level 2) indicates that all of the sites affected can be safely developed, subject to appropriate measures, so they remain potential Local Plan strategic site allocations. The Environment Agency aim to complete their review to sign off the new flood risk mapping data by 7 May.

Site promoters

We will continue to work with site promoters on sites included in our plan. Our adobe icon Third open letter to site promoters [114kb] sets out next steps, including future opportunities for meetings about potential strategic sites. As set out in the letter we will offer a cycle of site promoter meetings after the draft Local Plan is published for pre-submission consultation in mid 2018. We are not able to accommodate site meeting requests whilst the local plan is being finalised for pre-submission consultation. Site promoters should note that documents and correspondence relating to site meetings may be disclosed in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.

See our updated adobe icon Draft mitigation (SANGS) guidance note (November 2017) [1Mb] for the design parameters for habitat mitigation and green space areas to inform the master planning of residential sites. The note has been agreed at officer level with Natural England. The adopted Mitigation Strategy SPD (table 4.1 p.102) sets out the occupancy assumptions for calculating mitigation and open space requirements. We have also produced an illustrative example of adobe icon Supplementary Site Design Guidance/Advice [949kb] that could be prepared to support a strategic site allocation policy.

For more information

See our supporting documents and emerging evidence base.



Updated: 7 Mar 2018
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