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I have received a Notice to Owner letter

If payment of a Penalty Charge Notice has not been received 28 days after issue, we will send the registered owner of the vehicle a Notice to Owner (NtO) letter.  An NtO provides a final chance to  pay the Penalty Charge Notice or  make a representation appealing against the issue of the notice.

The Council's policy guidelines for the enforcement and cancellation of adobe icon Penalty Charge Notices [350kb].

Representations in writing using the form incorporated in the NtO letter should be sent to:

New Forest District Council Parking Office Town Hall Avenue Road Lymington SO41 9ZG

If this representation is successful the Penalty Charge Notice will be cancelled.  If it is not successful we will send you a Notice of Rejection letter and an appeals form. You can then either pay the full charge or send the completed appeal form to Traffic Penalty Tribunal, an independent organisation where a lawyer will examine your case. Traffic Penalty Tribunal will not charge you to appeal. The decision by Traffic Penalty Tribunal is final and binding on both sides.

If you lose your appeal or do not pay the Notice to Owner, we will send you a Charge Certificate (CC) notifying you that the charge has increased to by 50%. You have no further right to appeal at this stage.

If you do not pay at this stage, we will register the charge as a debt at the County Court. The debt will then be placed with Certified Bailiffs who will take responsibility for collecting the debt owed to the Council. This will add further costs to the charge.

For further information please call 023 8028 5000 or email

Updated: 23 Jul 2015
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