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Stillwater mobile home park

Online contactEmail: Park Management TeamTel: 023 8028 5588
(ask for 'Stillwater Park')

Stillwater Park is a mobile home park operated by us. All homes on site are privately owned and a ground rent is payable weekly, along with charges for water supply.


Current home owners

If you wish to report any problems with your pitch or with the park in general, you should contact our Customer Services team to ensure that your issue is properly recorded, that you get a reference number and to enable a quicker resolution.

Where the problem is to do with the park in general, you should also ensure that the Residents' Association are aware.

If you need to discuss the payment of your ground rent or water charge, you should contact the Housing Rents team. For other charges, you would need to contact the provider yourself.

The park management team can assist with other queries. The contact details are shown above.


Information for other people

We are not involved in the sale or transfer of ownership of the homes on the park. However we do need to be aware of any changes in ownership.

General information on park homes is available from and this includes guidance on buying and selling park homes.

Information on general caravan site licensing is also available. This includes a register of deposited site rules for all sites in the district, including the rules for Stillwater Park.


Updated: 12 Oct 2018
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