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Traffic Management

Traffic Management

New Forest District Council (NFDC) is Hampshire County Council's (HCC) agent for many traffic issues.

This Council works in partnership with  the Highway Authority, Hampshire County Council, in relation to traffic management matters in the New Forest area. With regard to requests for traffic management, NFDC carry out this service on an agency basis on behalf of HCC under an agency agreement. NFDC has a NFDC TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT & TRANSPORTATION PROGRAMME 2018 / 2019 . 

Hampshire County Council have approved a new policy for Traffic Management schemes, prioritising investigation where injury accidents are currently occurring - this came into effect on 1st June 2016. Further information can be found on the HCC website.  Please note any suggestions received will be assessed against the new criteria for potential inclusion in the 2018/19 Traffic Management Programme.



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Temporary Road Closure

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Updated: 6 Apr 2018
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