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Your Cans Count

We need your tins, cans and aerosols

The average New Forest household recycles around 540 cans, tins and aerosols every year. This is great but there are still thousands of them making their way into black sacks and being sent for energy recovery.

Which metals can you recycle at home?

All of your tins, cans and aerosols can be put in your clear sack for recycling.

Your Cans Count - Tins

Your Cans Count - Cans

Your Cans Count - Aerosols

Simply give them a quick rinse and remove any loose lids.

Which metals can't you recycle?

Aerosols marked with a black skull and crossbones or black cross on an orange background should be put in your black rubbish sack.

Foil should also be placed in your black sack.

What happens to them?

Your empty cans are collected along with the rest of your recycling and taken to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), where they are separated into steel and aluminium. They are then crushed, baled and sent to reprocessors.

At the recycling plant, the cans are put into a furnace and heated to very high temperatures so they melt down.

The molten metal is poured into large blocks, cooled and then rolled into large coils of thin metal.

These coils are then used by manufacturers to make new products, including new tins and cans.

Watch RecycleNow's video to find out more about how cans are recycled

Your cans count - youtube video link

What else can I recycle?

Remember to recycle your paper, cardboard and plastic bottles in your clear sack with your metals.

Glass bottles and jars can be recycled in your black box or green communal bin.

Textiles can be put in the charity textile bins at our recycling sites.

Updated: 12 Sep 2016
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