Community grants

The community grants scheme awards discretionary grants to support a range of voluntary and community organisations. These organisations provide services and activities to directly benefit local people and meet our priorities and objectives.

Who is eligible to apply

You can apply for as grant if you are a:

  • community, voluntary and registered charitable organisation, or
  • not-for-profit organisation that are properly constituted.

Community grants will not apply to:

  • individuals or projects that mainly benefits an individual
  • private companies, profit-making or trading organisations, or business enterprises.
  • party political activities
  • religious worship or works to buildings or grounds that are used solely by a religious organisation.
  • a project that has started before submission of an application
  • a construction project where the necessary ownership or leasing arrangements are not already in place
  • projects where planning permission has not been obtained
  • projects that take place solely outside of New Forest District Council area.

Types of grants

There are 2 types of community grants we fund:

  • capital grants
  • revenue grants.

Funding is limited and we continue to receive numerous applications.  All applications will be reviewed against the eligibility criteria and where this is met, applicants will be invited to present and discuss their application.

Please read our community grant criteria before making your application.

 Icon for pdf Community Grants Guidance [135.1KB]

The closing date for applications is 30 September 2021.

Capital grants

Capital grants are one-off grants for the construction of new buildings or facilities, or extending, renovating or adapting existing buildings.

We will award a grant of up to 50% of the total cost of the project, with a maximum award of £100,000.

Full funding must be in place before an award is made.

Any grant awarded must be used for the specified purpose and will be subject to a funding agreement.

We will not fund an organisation that is in poor financial health.

All works must be completed within two years.

Revenue grants

Revenue grants are for annual running costs of an organisation with delivering their community service or programmes that support and benefit residents of the New Forest District Council area.

Applications below £600 are not eligible and the maximum award is £35,000.

Applications below £600 should be directed to your local district councillor.

Should you have any queries about making an application please contact Jamie Burton by e-mail at or by phone on 02380 284551 or Ryan Stevens at or by phone on 023 80 285693.

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