Wheeled bins being considered for New Forest as part of improved waste service

A meeting of our environment panel (15 October 2020) has recommended the next stage in a project to look at a new waste and recycling collection service for the district be put forward to Cabinet on 4 November.

15 October 2020

Wheeled bins and weekly food waste collections are two of the changes included in the preferred option being recommended for further work towards a new waste service for the district.

The changes could also include a wider range of materials being collected for recycling, such as plastic pots, tubs and trays.

The meeting was advised how this proposal will:

  • help the area have a cost and carbon efficient service
  • minimise the amount of waste, and
  • improve the quantity and quality of recycling.

Cllr Alison Hoare, our portfolio holder for environment, said of the draft waste strategy, "Wheelie bins are part of a wider approach being considered so we can meet a legal requirement to offer food waste collections, and increase our recycling rate.

"We know that roughly 90% of all local authorities in England now collect waste in wheeled bins. We can learn a lot from the work they have already done. A project team have been looking at what sort of waste and recycling system would be best for the area for nearly two years, including looking at systems already known to work well, and the public feedback from our survey in January .

"There's a lot of work still to do to get this right, including asking our residents for comments on what we plan, and making sure there is somewhere appropriate to send the food waste for recycling. Any changes won't come in until 2022 at the earliest. 

"We are keen to hear from residents so we can take their views into consideration as we look at how a new system could work. But waste minimisation sits at the heart of all of this and there is no question that change must happen."

If Cabinet approve the recommendation, officers will do more work to assess what exact system would be the best solution for the New Forest.  The draft waste strategy will then be open for comments between 12 November and 10 December 2020.

Read the draft waste strategy https://democracy.newforest.gov.uk/documents/b22148/Supplemental%20Agenda%20-%20Draft%20Waste%20Strategy%2015th-Oct-2020%2014.00%20Environment%20Overview%20and%20Scrutiny%20P.pdf?T=9

Watch the environment panel meeting on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6NcgrPXzGM&feature=youtu.be

  • Councillors at the panel meeting asked about properties where wheeled bins would be difficult to store.  The project research estimates that 92% of New Forest properties would be suitable, and that alternative systems would be provided for households for who wheeled bins will not work. More work would be done to understand this fully. 
  • With any new system, NFDC would continue to offer assisted collections for people unable to move their own waste to their property boundary.
  • Part of the proposal is to move to an alternate weekly collection. This means a weekly collection, with one week being recycling and the next general waste. A system which is used by the majority of councils who are responsible for waste collection in the UK and is known to work well. 




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