Hampshire-wide plan for waste disposal management approved

11 October 2021

At our full council meeting, we approved the Hampshire "Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy" (JMWMS) in a clear move towards reducing waste and increasing recycling.  

Cllr Steve Davies, NFDC portfolio holder for Environment and Coastal Services, said, "This plan will see us work more collaboratively across Hampshire, which will be crucial as we ourselves work on our own improvements to waste collection.   

"The plan will allow us to share resources and work together, rather than in isolation, to reduce the overall carbon impact of waste disposal services in the county. 

"Work on our own draft waste strategy has seen the creation of a "preferred option" which aims to align our waste collection service with upcoming legislation, increase our recycling rate, and improve the service for residents and businesses. Once approved in early 2022, the new waste strategy will bring change to how waste and recycling is collected across the New Forest." 

In Hampshire, the district and borough councils, like NFDC, have responsibility for collecting waste from households, while Hampshire County Council are responsible for disposing of the waste. No changes will be made to the way NFDC collects waste until the council's own final waste strategy is approved.  

However, the new JMWMS does align with the "preferred option" set out in NFDC's draft waste strategy, and confirms an eventual move to a "twin-stream" recycling collection system for the New Forest district. A twin-stream system means paper and card will be collected from one container, and glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, tubs and trays, metal tins and cans in another. 

NFDC's final waste strategy will centre on the needs of the New Forest district and its residents and businesses; taking into consideration those who may need an adapted service such as residents living in terraced houses, flats, and narrow-access or remote properties. 

In line with government legislation, the JMWMS also highlights the likelihood of food waste collections within the next few years. As NFDC's final waste strategy develops, proposed changes are expected to support residents to reduce and sort waste effectively. 

Specific information about the waste service for the New Forest, such as how often waste will be collected, and the types of containers and vehicles to be used, will be known when NFDC's final waste strategy is agreed. 

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