Council services over Christmas and new year

Between Saturday 25 December and Monday 3 January some of our services are not operating and our offices are closed. 

For essential services and emergency issues, we are still operating.

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Contacting us

You will be unable to contact us by phone from Saturday 25 December to Wednesday 29 December, and Saturday 1 January to Monday 3 January. 

You can contact us by phone from 8.30am to 2pm on Thursday 30 and Friday 31 December. 

You can email us at when the phones are unavailable.

We will respond to any urgent emails that cannot wait until the new year on 30 and 31 December. 

We will not be monitoring our social media messages between Saturday 25 December and Monday 3 January.

Our normal service will resume on Tuesday 4 January.


In the event of an emergency with a risk to life, for example flood or fire, call 999 immediately.

For any other urgent issues and emergencies, call our out of hours team on 023 8028 5250 or 07771 259098. 

Recycling and rubbish

Black and clear sacks

There will be no collections on Monday 27 December. If this is your normal collection day, we will collect your sacks on Monday 3 January. If your normal collection day is not a Monday, we will collect as usual.

Glass recycling

There will be no collection on Monday 27 December. If this is your normal collection day, we will collect your glass on Saturday 8 January instead.

Bulky waste

Our bulky waste collection service is currently suspended.

Christmas tree recycling

You can drop off your real Christmas tree for recycling at one of 10 sites across the district. The drop-off sites will be open from Saturday 1 January to Sunday 9 January. Please remove all tree decorations and leave your tree in a designated bay. Details will be added to our website soon.

Information offices

Our information offices will be closed from 4pm on Friday 24 December and will reopen on Tuesday 4 January.

Parking clocks

Annual parking clocks are on sale from Monday 29 November. To guarantee that you receive your clock in time for the new year, we recommend that you order online as soon as possible.

When our information offices are closed, you can buy your parking clock online. Any parking clocks sold after 23 December will be processed and sent from Tuesday 4 January.

Public toilets

Out toilets will remain open and will be cleaned except for on Saturday 25 December and Saturday 1 January.

Housing maintenance

Housing maintenance including the Housing Support Hub will be closed throughout the Christmas period from Saturday 25 December until Tuesday 4 January 2021.

The Housing Support Hub which handles calls in relation to repairs, rents and tenancy matters will close at 4.45pm on 24 December until 8.30 on Tuesday 4 January 2022.

We will continue to maintain essential emergency and urgent repairs throughout this period which can be reported by calling 023 8028 5250 or 07771 259098.

Repair classifications are set out below:

Emergency: 3 hours

This is to make a situation safe or perform temporary repairs. This work is necessary to prevent danger to life or extensive damage to property, or if the problem will have an adverse effect on a medical need.

Urgent: 24 hours

This is to prevent suffering undue inconvenience or further damage to property. Urgent repairs include:

  • loss of hot water (between 31 October and 1 May)
  • loss of heating (between 31 October and 1 May)
  • defective light fitting to kitchen, bathroom or stairway
  • replacement toilet pan, where only one toilet exists
  • restore flush to toilet
  • defective external door locks.

Non-urgent repairs can be reported through our website, however we advise there maybe a delay in dealing with your request on our return to the offices on Tuesday 4 January 2022 dependent on demand. Emails relating to repairs, rent or tenancy queries can be sent to and we will however endeavour to respond/action all requests as soon as possible.

Housing and homelessness

For emergency homelessness cases, please contact our out of hours team on 023 8028 5250 or 07771 259098. 

For routine and non-emergency enquiries, email You can refer yourself or someone else who is at risk of being homeless online. These enquiries and applications will be processed from Tuesday 4 January.

Appletree Careline

Our Appletree Careline alarm service will be operating as usual during the Christmas period.

Benefits and support

Payments of Housing Benefit and Discretionary Housing Payments will be made in the week before Christmas. 

The service will be closed from Friday 24 December to Monday 3 January.


Cemeteries will remain open as usual.

There will be no interments between Friday 24 December and Tuesday 4 January. The cemeteries office will be closed between Christmas and new year.  

Coastal services

For any urgent beach hut issues or coastal incidents between Saturday 25 December and Monday 3 January, please contact our our of hours service on 023 8028 5250 or 07771 259098. 

General enquiries sent to will be responded to from Tuesday 4 January.

Council Tax

When our information offices are closed you can pay your Council Tax in the following ways:

If you are unable to pay using any of these ways then you can pay in person from Tuesday 4 January.

Any enquiries emailed to will be responded to from Tuesday 4 January.

Pest control

For humane trapping issues between Monday 27 and Wednesday 29 December, call our out of hours team on 023 8028 5250 or 07771 259098. 

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