Health and safety for residents

We provide a range of services and guidance related to health and safety issues and other environmental concerns.

We provide a pest control service for all residents in New Forest.
We assess air quality in New Forest and produce regular reports on pollutants.
Contact a water authority or Hampshire County Council for flooding issues.
Make a complaint about neighbours, car or house alarms, commercial noise and barking dogs.
We regulate private water suppliers and provide contact info for mains water suppliers.
Bathing water in New Forest is tested to meet Environment Agency standards.
Guidance on using bonfires, solid fuel appliances and wood burners.
Let us know about noise, smoke or dust problems caused by building sites.
How to safely remove and dispose of asbestos from your property.
We work in partnership with other organisations to promote health in New Forest.
Make a complaint about light nuisance and find out how to reduce it from your property.

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