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Temporary road closures for larger public events

On this page, you can request a road closure to allow a special event to take place, such as a community event, or parade.

There is a separate webpage (see below) if you would like to arrange a residents' street party.

Apply for a street party

We want to make it easy for local residents and communities to organise a street party.  If your event is likely to attract more than 200 people, a small-scale road closure will not be suitable for a larger event. 

As an alternative to applying to close a road, you may consider a street meet or to celebrate with your friends and neighbours on one of our open spaces or parks. 

On this page:

Apply for a road closure for a larger public event

Event organisers can apply for a temporary road closure here. For a residents' street party, please use the link above. Such closures require a temporary traffic regulation order (also known as a road closure order) approved in writing by the police. If you wish to discuss your proposal with us informally before applying, please use our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Such events differ to small in residents' events because:

  • anyone can attend
  • they have external publicity (such as in newspapers)
  • licences are usually needed
  • insurance is needed
  • risk assessments are common
  • they are often organised by professional organisers

Road Closure Application (Word doc) [68KB]

Please see Road Closure Guidance (PDF) [255KB]  to assist your application.

Prior to submitting your application, you must consult various people, organisations, and businesses. Further information is provided with the application form.

You should submit your request at least two months in advance, but we advise much earlier for larger events. Applications may be rejected if not enough notice is given.

We are unable to deal with road closure requests for demonstrations or for emergency road closures, which are dealt with by the police.

Events we can issue a road closure for

  • carnival processions,
  • parades,
  • Remembrance Day events,
  • Christmas events,
  • Street events such as pancake races,
  • walks of witness etc.

Road closures are not used for

  • highway repairs, maintenance, improvements to the highway carried out by HCC
  • public utility works affecting the public highway
  • tree works affecting the public highway
  • any other works carried out by private contractors ie sewer connection, hedge cutting, ditch clearance
  • sporting events on the highway
  • events held off the highway.

Enquires for these should be directed to HCC or


The following road closures are free:

  • church services or parades
  • linked national celebrations
  • events where there is no on-street trading
  • events where no entry fee is charged

Where payable, the fee for a road closure order is £184 for the 2024/25 financial year. All costs involved for both the closure and diversion signs are the responsibility of the event organiser. If you are unsure, please contact us.

Check if there are other events in your area

You will need to check that your street event doesn't clash with another event in your area. Two or more events held at the same time in a local area can cause traffic problems. If this is the case, it is possible that the road closure request would be rejected. You can check for conflicting road closures or road works on

Prepare a risk assessment

You are advised to carry out a risk assessment for your event to ensure that you are prepared for any issues that may arise. This will ensure you have a contingency plan in place in case of accidents, medical emergencies or fire.

You will need to list any potential risks (for example cars leaving the street without warning, adverse weather e.g. sun stroke, lightning, heavy rain, high wind, vehicle and people movements, injury as a result of a collision, access for emergency services) and decide what you can do to reduce that risk.

Other considerations

Before planning an event, you need to make sure you have the landowner's permission.

If you are planning a large scale public event, please see our Organising an event webpages.

If you are planning to provide licensable activities, such as selling alcohol or amplified music, you may need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice or Premises Licence.

If you are providing food at your event, you must ensure that your caterers are registered - see the food hygiene rating scheme website for further information.

For further information, visit the Hampshire County Council website for traffic advice for public events.

Contact us

You can contact us by emailing or by calling 023 8028 5505.

Our address is:

Licensing Services,

New Forest District Council,

Appletree Court,

Beaulieu Road,


SO43 7PA

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