Benefits and support

If you need financial help, you can apply for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support, Universal Credit and Discretionary Housing Payments depending on your circumstances. 

You can apply for Housing Benefit to help pay your rent in certain circumstances.
The Council Tax Reduction Scheme can help if you are on a low income.
You can claim Universal Credit if you are out of work or on a low income.
You must inform us of any changes that could affect your benefit claim.
You can provide documents to support a claim
If you need help paying your rent, DHPs may provide short-term support.
Information on training and apprenticeships for employers and employees.
Find out what benefits you are eligible for and get advice and support.
We will recover any overpayment of benefits that you may have received.
Your Housing Benefit or Council Tax support may be reduced if you live with another adult.
You can report instances of benefit fraud for us to investigate.
You can claim a self-isolation payment if you have to self-isolate and cannot work from home
Advice on how and when to appeal a decision of the council

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