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Request for service and other agencies

A request for a service is when you would like someone from the council to provide a specific service for you. These are managed direct by the individual services who will then ensure that action is taken. In some cases, the issue may not be the responsibility of the council, but with a partner agency. The most common requests for both are listed below.

Refuse collection

Any issues should be reported as soon as possible by emailing our customer services team or calling them on 023 8028 5000. They can then arrange for it to be resolved.


Any concerns regarding the condition of roads (i.e. potholes) and pavements, or with street lighting, should be reported direct to the Highway Authority (Hampshire County Council). You can contact them direct by calling 0845 6035633, or by visiting the highway web pages where you can submit your complaint online.


This can include neighbour nuisance, tenancy breaches, repairs and any estate Issues (i.e. abandoned vehicles, dumped rubbish and environmental improvements). These should be reported by emailing customer services or by calling them on 023 8028 5222. More specific information can be found on the housing web pages.

Environmental health

For advice on issues regarding noise and odour, dogs or pest control needs (such as rats and wasps) contact 023 8028 5411. More information on what services are provided can be found on the Environmental Health Web pages.

Planning in the National Park area

If you live in the National Park area, and have any planning issues, you need to speak direct to the National Park Authority on 01590 646600.

Planning outside the National Park area

Any planning issues outside the National Park area are handled by the District Council. Call 023 8028 5345 with any initial enquiries or visit the planning web pages.

Animals in the New Forest

A number of animals roam free on the Forest. If you have any concerns you report them to the Verderers' Office on 023 8028 2052 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm), or outside of these times contact the 24 hour line at the Forestry Commission on 023 8028 3141.

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