Corporate Plan 2020-24

The Corporate Plan 2020-24 is a collection of portfolios from the council, aimed at delivering a prosperous New Forest and putting the community first.

Our aim is to secure a vibrant and prosperous New Forest. We are guided by the people we serve and working in partnership with others.

We aim to enhance the quality of lives for all by:

  • understanding local needs and creating a balanced, healthy community who feel safe, supported and have access to services
  • protecting the special character of the New Forest and responding proactively to environmental challenges
  • working with others to maintain a vibrant local economy that brings opportunities to the area.

You can download the Corporate Plan 2020-24 below.

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The Corporate Plan is made up of portfolios that are the responsibility of each member of the Cabinet. Details on each member's portfolio are listed below.

Leader and corporate affairs portfolio

'Delivering a prosperous New Forest and putting our community first.'  

Cllr Barry Rickman - Leader and Corporate Affairs Portfolio Holder.


  • Excellence in services to our residents and continuing to maintain front line services.
  • Being an employer of choice.
  • Working with regional partners to ensure the prosperity of the New Forest area.
  • Ensuring effective democratic engagement and representation.

2020/21 specific actions

  • Annual review of the economic investment in the New Forest,
  • In partnership with the LEP support funding bids to government to enable improvements in infrastructure.
  • Council submission to the Boundary Commission on ward boundary proposals to support electoral equality by February 2020 and implement ward boundary changes for 2023 quadrennial district elections,
  • Implement actions to make the council an employer of choice.

Achievement indicators

  • Proportion of service performance indicators above or on target (percentage).
  • Increase in vacancies filled first time (percentage).
  • Increase in infrastructure investment in the New Forest.

Planning and infrastructure portfolio

'Encouraging development that meets local needs and enhances the special qualities of the environment.'

Cllr Edward Heron - Planning and Infrastructure Portfolio Holder.


  • Delivering the vision of the local plan and encouraging development that meets local needs and delivers positive, economic, social and environmental outcomes.
  • Working with partners, applicants and developers to ensure a positive, timely and enabling attitude to development.
  • Using contributions to deliver projects that mitigate the impact of development on the natural environment.
  • Ensuring building control are engaged at the earliest stage to make future in development projects safe.
  • Working with Partnership for South Hampshire authorities on a Joint Strategy and Statement of Common Ground to address future growth and unmet housing need.

2020/21 specific actions

  • Deliver actions in Housing Delivery Action Plan and monitor through an annual report to Cabinet.
  • Introduce a new pre-application advice service for 2020 to provide support for applicants.
  • Develop and deliver an annual programme of recreational mitigation projects.
  • Review all Supplementary Planning Documents and the Community Infrastructure Levy Process.
  • Design and deliver new ICT system to modernise delivery of the service by 2021.
  • Increase the market share for Building Control to ensure the safety of development.
  • Actions and recommendations from car parking review to be reported Environment Overview and Scrutiny Panel by March 2021.

Achievement indicators

  • Increase in the number of houses completed each year, as set out in the Annual Authority Monitoring Report (number).
  • Increase in the number of mitigation projects delivered each year (number).
  • Total amount of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) spent (pounds sterling).
  • Increase in the total amount of open space play and sports provision and cycling and walking infrastructure delivered each year (hectares).
  • Increase in NFDC Building Control Market Share (percentage).

Housing services portfolio

'Creating balanced communities and housing options that are affordable and sustainable.'

Cllr Jill Cleary - Housing Services Portfolio Holder.


  • Meeting local housing needs and promoting sustainable growth.
  • Increasing the supply of high-quality affordable homes.
  • Improving the housing circumstances of those most in need.
  • Enabling the best use of housing to meet the needs of local people, including support for a strong high quality private rented sector.

2020/21 specific actions

  • Provide 600 new council homes by 2026.
  • Prevent the homelessness of at least 60% of clients deemed to be threatened with homelessness.
  • Monitor and review the delivery of the Allocation Policy 2019 for annual consideration by the Housing Overview and Scrutiny Panel.
  • Work with the Task and Finish Group to develop and deliver the new Private Sector Housing Strategy by 2020/21.
  • Deliver at least 40 units of council-owned emergency accommodation by 2021/22.
  • Design, deliver and enhance a multi-agency approach and housing pathway through twice-yearly multi-agency forums and meetings with operational partners.
  • Improve standards by setting up a landlord's forum to meet six monthly by 2020.
  • Implement a new strategy to tackle empty properties by the end of 2020.

Achievement indicators

  • Number of additional council homes delivered (number).
  • Increase in prevention duty cases successfully prevented (percentage).
  • Net increase in the number of private sector lease properties (percentage).
  • Reduction in private sector property inspections resulting in Category 1 hazards (percentage).
  • Increase in rough sleepers entering accommodation pathway (percentage).
  • Reduction in the number of households in external emergency bed and breakfast accommodation at year end (number).

Community affairs portfolio

'Keeping our communities safe and listening to their needs,'

Cllr Diane Andrews - Community Affairs Portfolio Holder.


  • Putting customers at the centre of what we do and how we do it.
  • Modernising customer services and responding to changing needs.
  • Engaging with partners and the community to inform and contribute towards wider service outcomes.
  • Ensuring the New Forest remains a safe place to live, work and visit.
  • Supporting the arts and cultural heritage of the New Forest.

2020/21 specific actions

  • Implement a modern customer-led website during 2020/21 in response to changing customers' needs, working with Customer Task and Finish Group and monitored by the Community Overview and Scrutiny Panel.
  • Greater engagement with town and parish councils following the Task and Finish Group review of the Statement of Partnership.
  • Undertake community safety engagement workshops and deliver the Community Safety conference biannually.
  • Report on the delivery of Safer New Forest Partnership Plan to the Community Overview and Scrutiny Panel.

Achievement indicators

  • Increase in services available online (number).
  • Increase in unique user visits to the website (number).
  • Increase in customer ease of use score (percentage).
  • Increase in number of engagement activities (number).
  • Increase in the number of people who feel safe from the fear of crime (percentage).

Finance, investment and corporate services portfolio

'Enabling service provision and ensuring value for money for the council tax payer.'

Cllr Jeremy Heron - Finance, Investment and Corporate Affairs Portfolio Holder.


  • Protecting front line services through sound financial planning, including the collection of taxation with appropriate support for individuals and businesses.
  • Modernisation and innovative use of ICT to enhance operational efficiencies across all services.
  • Using investments to support financial resilience and the local economy.
  • Supporting the migration to universal credit.

2020/21 specific actions

  • Balanced budget agreed annually in February.
  • Deliver the ICT strategy to modernise applications and infrastructure with an annual update to Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Panel.
  • Identify opportunities and progress the Commercial Property Investment and the Residential Property Investment Strategies for monitoring by Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Panel.
  • Continue to work closely with the Department for Work and Pensions, New Forest Citizens Advice and stakeholders on supporting residents through the migration to Universal Credit reporting to Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Panel.
  • Deliver new depot facilities to support operational services during 2021.

Achievement indicators

  • Maintain high level of Council Tax collected (percentage).
  • NNDR collected (percentage).
  • Achieve a balanced budget with reasonable Council Tax increases (percentage).
  • Increase the value of commercial investment (percentage).
  • Increase the value residential investment (percentage).
  • Reduction in ICT downtime as a result of the ICT Strategy (number).

Leisure and wellbeing portfolio

'Improving the health and wellbeing of our community.'

Cllr Mark Steele - Leisure and Wellbeing Portfolio Holder.


  • Working with partners to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents.
  • Ensuring that public health prevention principles are embedded within core services of the council.
  • Increase the levels of physical activity within the district.
  • Providing affordable and accessible leisure facilities.

2020/21 specific actions

  • Development and delivery of the New Forest Health and Wellbeing strategy during 2020/21 for consideration by Community Overview and Scrutiny panel.
  • Quarterly meetings of the New Forest Health and Wellbeing Board.
  • Development of Health and Wellbeing Board strategic priorities.
  • Facilities Strategy adopted as part of the Local Plan.
  • Deliver the outcomes from the Health and Leisure Review and monitor the achievement of the wider objectives through the Community Overview and Scrutiny Panel.
  • Monitor delivery of Mytime Active contract for Dibden Golf Centre to improve participation in golf and associated activities reporting to Community Overview and Scrutiny Panel.

Achievement indicators

  • Increase in physical activity in adults (percentage).
  • Increase in physical activity in children (percentage).
  • Reduction in inactivity levels (percentage).

Environment and regulatory services portfolio

'Working to tackle climate change and enhancing our special environment.'

Cllr Alison Hoare - Environment and Regulatory Services Portfolio Holder.


  • Taking actions that address the impact of climate change locally.
  • Working with others to protect and enhance our natural environment.
  • Reducing waste and increasing recycling.
  • Ensuring regulatory services are delivered for the benefit of our residents, businesses and visitors.

2020/21 specific actions

  • Develop an Environmental Strategy which will identify local actions to address the impact of climate change.
  • Cabinet approval of Waste Strategy by December 2021.
  • Delivery of Tree Strategy, in response to future challenges, reporting to Environment Overview and Scrutiny Panel.
  • Develop of business case for future flood and erosion risk management projects at Barton-on-Sea and Milford-on-Sea.
  • Work with the Environment Agency to develop the business case for the Hurst Spit to Lymington Flood and Coastal Erosion Project.
  • Development of a Clean Air Strategy to identify actions which will improve air quality across the district.
  • Work with partners on initiatives such as 'Operation Wolf' as part of fly-tipping enforcement and continue to promote behavioural change on littering reporting back to Environment Overview and Scrutiny Panel.

Achievement indicators

  • Reduced carbon footprint for the New Forest area and district council.
  • Increase in household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting (percentage).
  • Reduction in the number of fly-tipping incidents (number).
  • Increase in food establishments which have a satisfactory or good food hygiene rating (percentage).
  • Increase in coastal funding to achieve the specific actions (percentage).

Economic development portfolio

'Helping local businesses to grow and prosper.'

Cllr Michael Harris - Economic Development Portfolio Holder.


  • Continuing to work with partners and businesses to grow the New Forest economy.
  • Supporting improvements in broadband and mobile connectivity.
  • Helping businesses, industries and high streets respond to social, environmental and technological changes and innovation.
  • Continuing to promote the New Forest as a filming destination.

2020/21 specific actions

  • Using the County Intelligence Unit identify all businesses within the district and prioritise engagement activity.
  • Create an 'Invest in the New Forest' website during 2020/21 to support inward investment to the area.
  • Establish an online single point of entry to the council for businesses by 2020.
  • Identify options for improved connectivity in the district and develop an action plan.
  • Work in partnership to increase the uptake of apprenticeships and upskilling opportunities, including Solent Apprenticeship Hub and New Forest Training Academy.
  • Continue to actively promote the New Forest as a filming destination for the wider creative digital industries.
  • Work with Development Management to roll out Employment and Skills Plans on all major development.

Achievement indicators

  • Increase in S106 agreements containing employment and skills plan (number).
  • Increase in apprenticeships within the District (number).
  • Increase in businesses engaged in economic development programme (number).
  • Increased uptake in investment platform (percentage).
  • Increase in broadband connectivity (percentage).
  • Increase in subscribers to 'Helping local businesses grow' e-news (number).

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