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Call for Sites

We have opened a Call for Sites as part of the second part of the review of the Local Plan covering the period up to 2036. The Local Plan Part One: Planning Strategy (adopted July 2020) allocates strategic sites that can accommodate at least 100 homes or other larger scale development needs. The Local Plan Part One makes clear in Policy STR5 that to fully meet development targets additional smaller sites would be needed, and that these would be identified and allocated for development through the Part Two of the Local Plan Review.

The Call for Sites is an opportunity for landowners, development interests and communities to suggest possible sites that may be suitable for development or that could be used more productively or beneficially. Further information about the Call for Sites can be found in our Call for Sites Guidance Note.

The call for sites is open to both previously developed land and potential 'greenfield' sites. We are interested to hear about potential opportunities for housing (market and affordable), commercial and community uses, public open space and land suitable for nature recovery or offsetting the environmental impacts of development.    

The call for sites will help us to update our evidence base of potentially suitable and available land, both previously developed land and greenfield sites, for a range of possible uses. The National Planning Policy Framework requires us to maintain an up-to-date evidence base of potentially available land.

If you wish to put forward a site, please read the guidance note and complete the online site submission form

or download and return a word version to:

Please contact the Policy and Plans Team at on 02380 28 5345 or by email for further assistance.

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