Taxi licences

We are responsible for licensing taxis in the New Forest. This includes hackney carriage and private hire drivers, vehicles and operators.

Any vehicle carrying eight or fewer passengers for hire or reward must be licensed, and can only be driven by a licensed driver. Both licences must be issued by the same council. A private hire vehicle must receive its work from a licensed operator from the same council.

Our reception areas have reopened to the public but please check opening days and times before visiting as these have changed.

Apply for a taxi driver licence for hackney carriage vehicles and private hire vehicles.
Apply for a taxi vehicle licence for hackney carriages and private hire vehicles.
A private hire operator licence is needed to accept bookings and dispatch licensed private hire vehicles.
Locate a taxi rank to hire a taxi licensed by the council.
On this page you will find basic guidance for those operating taxis (hackney and private hire) or self-employed taxi drivers during the coronavirus pandemic.

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