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Housing Delivery Test

The Housing Delivery Test is an annual measurement of housing delivery published by the government at local authority level. The Housing Delivery Test measures the number of additional dwellings built over the previous three years against the authority's housing requirement.

Preparation of a Housing Delivery Action Plan is required if housing delivery in the preceding three years is less than 95% of the housing delivery requirement for those years.

On 19 December 2023, the government published the results of the 2022 Housing Delivery Test measurement (this covers the three-year period 2019/20 to 2021/22). Over the three-year period covered by this Housing Delivery Test measurement 809 additional dwellings were delivered in the Plan Area, which constitutes 92% of the Housing Delivery Test target for the period.


Housing Delivery Action Plan

Due to the result of the last published Housing Delivery Test, we have prepared a Housing Delivery Action Plan to positively respond to the challenge of improving housing delivery in the Plan Area.

The Housing Delivery Action Plan sets out actions we intend to take to seek to encourage increased housing delivery in the Plan Area.

You can read the 2024 Housing Delivery Action Plan below:

Housing Delivery Action Plan 2024 (PDF) [298KB] (opens new window)

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