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Caravan sites public registers

We maintain public registers of caravan sites, fit and proper persons and of published site rules in the New Forest District.

Find out more about caravan site licences.

Register of caravan sites

We maintain a public register of residential caravan sites in District, detailing the site name and address, the licensees, and the maximum number of caravans allowed on each site.

You can view the register here.

Please contact us is you require information on other sites in the District, for example holiday sites.

Register of fit and proper persons

The fit and proper person requirement makes it an offence for a site licence holder to operate a park home site unless they, or their appointed manager, are a fit and proper person to do so.

Register of Deposited Caravan site rules

View the public register of caravan site rules which have been deposited with us here. If you do not see site rules for your site here, that is because the process for their deposit has not been properly followed, and any rules you may have are not valid and cannot be enforced. 

Site rule are drawn up by site owners for the benefit of residents, to ensure standards are maintained and to promote community cohesion. View site rules for multi-occupancy residential sites.

Church Farm Close Site Rules (PDF) [434KB] (opens new window)

The Copse Mobile Home Park Site Rules (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)

Crystal Hollow (Sandy Balls) Site Rules (PDF) [193KB] (opens new window)

Drapers Copse Mobile Home Park Site Rules (PDF) [216KB] (opens new window)

Fleur De Lys Park Site Rules (PDF) [291KB] (opens new window)

King George Mobile Home Park Site Rules (PDF) [162KB] (opens new window)

Knightcrest Mobile Home Park Site Rules (PDF) [639KB] (opens new window)

Lime Kiln Lane Estate Site Rules (PDF) [141KB] (opens new window)

Little Holbury Mobile Home Park Site Rules (PDF) [222KB] (opens new window)

London Tavern Park Homes Site Rules (PDF) [264KB] (opens new window)

Naish Estate and Caravan Park Site Rules (PDF) [108KB] (opens new window)

New Forest Park (formally Homer Farm) Site Rules (PDF) [161KB] (opens new window)

The Orchard Mobile Home Park Site Rules (PDF) [311KB] (opens new window)

Pilgrim Park Site Rules (PDF) [99KB] (opens new window)

Sandy Balls Site Rules (PDF) [193KB] (opens new window)

Solent Grange Site Rules (PDF) [91KB] (opens new window)

Stillwater Park Site Rules (PDF) [136KB] (opens new window)

Stubbings Meadow Caravan Park Site Rules (PDF) [129KB] (opens new window)

Thatched Cottage Mobile Home Park Site Rules (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)

Valeview Park Homes Site Rules (PDF) [264KB] (opens new window)

Westwood and Glendene Mobile Home Park Site Rules (PDF) [182KB] (opens new window)

Whitehaven Caravan Park Site Rules (PDF) [172KB] (opens new window)

Whitehaven Home Park Site Rules (PDF) [289KB] (opens new window)

Woodlands Mobile Home Park Site Rules (PDF) [269KB] (opens new window)

Process for depositing site rules

How to deposit site rules

We are required to keep and publish an up-to-date register of deposited site rules. If you are a caravan site owner, and have drawn up site rules, you must provide them to us and we will publish them on the public register. 

A fee of £77 is payable for the deposit of site rules. Site rules are only valid where the correct process detailed below for their deposit has been followed.

To deposit new or amended site rules, download the form below. You will need to provide evidence to demonstrate that the correct residents' consultation process has been followed - see below.

Caravan site rules deposit application form (PDF) [128KB] (opens new window)

Complete the application form and send it to us via email to

Process for setting site rules

The Mobile Homes (Site Rules) Regulations 2014 detail the procedure that a site owner must use when making, varying or deleting a site rule. They establish the process for consulting on proposed changes, grant appeals rights and require local authorities to keep and publish a register of site rules of sites in their area.

  1. You must first consult with all mobile home owners and any qualifying residents association (QRA) to explain the proposal using the Schedule 1 form contained within the legislation. The consultation must be open for all responses for a minimum of 28 days.
  2. Within 21 days of the end of the consultation the you must send a Schedule 2 Consultation Response Document to all home owners notifying them of the result of the consultation and which site rules are to be adopted.
  3. Having received the consultation response document, if a resident wishes to appeal the proposed rule or rules, they have 21 days to do so to the Residential Property Tribunal (RPT).
  4. Assuming no appeals are received, you must deposit the new site rules with New Forest District Council no later than 42 days after serving the consultation response document. You must also notify residents of the notification using the Schedule 3 form.
  5. If an appeal has been lodged, you cannot deposit the site rules until the appeal has been determined. Once the appeal has been determined, you would then have 14 days to deposit the site rules with this authority, unless otherwise specified by the tribunal.

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