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Health promotion

We are involved in a range of activities and events, in partnership with other organisations, with the common aim of health promotion.

Eat Out Eat Well award

The Eat Out Eat Well award has been created to reward caterers who make it easier for their customers to make healthy choices when eating out.  

Our team will give successful businesses a bronze, silver or gold based on the type of food and how healthy choices are promoted.

Find out more on the Eat Out Eat Well website.

Tick bites

Ticks are found primarily in wooded and grassy areas such as the New Forest but you could be exposed to ticks whenever you are outdoors. Ticks feed on the blood of animals such as deer, particularly in the late spring and early summer.

A bacteria that causes Lyme disease can live in the gut of ticks. Most ticks do not carry the bacteria but infection could be passed on to people bitten by infected ticks. You can reduce the risk of tick bites by walking on clearly defined paths, using insect repellent and performing regular tick checks.

Some tick bites can result in infection so it is important to remove ticks as soon as possible. They can be removed safely with tweezers or a tick removal tool.

If you have been bitten or recently spent time outdoors and start to feel unwell, contact your GP.

You can download our leaflet on tick bites and Lyme disease below.

Tick bites and lyme disease leaflet (PDF) [2MB] (opens new window)

Contact details

You can contact us to ask questions about any of our health promotions.


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