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Buying more shares in your home (Staircasing)

As a shared owner, you can purchase more shares in your home, this is known as 'staircasing'. The minimum level of shares you can purchase is set out in your lease.  

In most cases you will be able to staircase up to 100% of your home.

In some rural areas this may be restricted to owning 80%, to ensure that it remains affordable.

Please read through your lease carefully to check if staircasing restrictions apply.  

For staircasing purchases of more than 5% you will need to obtain a formal RIC's valuation.

You will also be responsible for instructing and paying for solicitors and any administration costs.  

Shared owners who purchased their home after 2023 may also have the option of purchasing a 1% share each year for the first 15 years of their lease.

Information on purchasing 1% shares is set out in the lease. 

Apply to buy more shares in your home 

If you would to buy more shares in your home you must contact us.


Tel: 02380 28 5222, option 5, then option 2.

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