Street naming and numbering

We are responsible for the street naming and numbering ('SNN') process, to ensure that all properties within the district are officially addressed.

It is important that any new street names and property numbers are allocated logically, and any changes to existing street names and property numbers are appropriate, for the effective delivery of mail and the location of addresses by the emergency services.

This guidance also reinforces our commitment to the National Address Gazetteer in accordance with the British Standard BS7666. All street naming, renaming and property numbering and naming in the district will be in accordance with these documents. 

This guidance is intended to be a guide but is not absolutely binding.  

All requests will be considered on their own merits, however, there may be exceptional circumstances where it is necessary to depart from the guidance.

Where this happens, clear reasons will be provided.

Information about the process of naming or renaming a street including street name plates.
How to name or rename a property and the process you need to go through.
Information about naming a business property or commercial unit. Also includes information about land parcels.
How to apply for a number or change the number of your property.
Information about relevant delegations and legislation. Also includes answers to some common questions about street naming and numbering.

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