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Strategic Priority 3: Private Sector Housing Decarbonisation

Actions required:

  • Fully support the Warmer Homes Consortium led by PCC to promote LAD 3 and HUG funding in the district through to March 2023 with a joint communications and marketing plan
  • Train our Housing Standards Officers on energy efficiency measures, alternative methods of heating and energy provider switching services by October 2022, to provide advice and assistance to landlords and residents as part of ongoing activities.
  • Promote Affordable Warmth Programmes and activities:- Educate and promote energy efficiency to our tenants and residents to reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions from July 2022- Link with local partners - Citizens Advice/HCC/NFDIS and foodbanks- Establish a communication campaign alongside the council's new Climate Change Manager by August 2022 and refresh annually
  • Continually identify, where available, and bid for funds to promote energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty for private owners and landlords.
  • Attend, support and enhance the existing New Forest Partnership Forum of Voluntary agencies- Target fuel and food poverty- Provide specialist training and integrate the new Local Campaigns Manager with our workstreams where appropriate by March 2023
  • Attend, support and enhance initiatives and activities of the Home Energy Efficiency Programme (HEEP - including HCC and other Hampshire local authorities) to develop regional initiatives which benefit residents of the New Forest.- Consider an initiative to create a 'Safe' Contractors list of appropriately certified local installers and support them link with local residents.
  • Through our housing standards work continue to ensure landlords are compliant with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) regulations, reviewing performance annually.
  • Hold a standing greener housing agenda item at each landlord forum.

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