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Strategic Priority 4: Housing Service Operations

Action required:

  • Quantify our operational carbon footprint of key activities by April 2026.
  • Establish an agreed action plan to target higher polluting practices by April 2027.
  • By April 2029 establish methods, processes and alternative activities which reduce carbon emissions across our activities.
  • Working with vehicle fleet managers across the council establish a scheme to replace the housing fleet of 61 vehicles with electric vehicle replacements and agree policies for charging with users by 2027.
  • Identify all non-digital paper generating activities, agree action plans and budgets to support full digital 'paperless' processes by April 2024.
  • Eliminate paper-based activities where practicable by April 2025.
  • Maximise Repairs Service Workforce planning to limit unnecessary travel by repairs operatives across the district by 2025.
  • In conjunction with the senior leaders of the council:- Establish a hybrid working model which both supports the business activities and strategic aims of the council, but also reduces the carbon footprint of its employees in commuting to work. - Develop and support a cycle to work scheme
  • Through our procurement processes support New Forest based Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with advice and assistance to gain low carbon/renewable energy installation certification and additional skills on tendering to help them secure large scale retrofit and installation contracts.
  • Complete an options appraisal of carbon off setting initiatives to offset the residual carbon emissions generated by our social housing stock, post the completion of retrofit programmes by April 2028.
  • Through 2022 monitor the energy usage of communal areas across the social housing stock to assess:- Peak demands- Average usage- Reason for use- Alternative provision which reduces costs and carbon emissions.

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