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Apply for social housing

We offer advice and assistance to those on the Homesearch Housing Register. This is the name of our housing waiting list.

If you are on the Homesearch Housing Register, you can log in to New Forest Homesearch to apply for social housing that is relevant to your priority.

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Homesearch Housing Register

In order to be accepted onto the Homesearch Housing Register, you will need to complete the New Forest Homesearch application form. This is only available online and we do not accept paper forms.

Changes to your circumstances

You must complete a new Homesearch application form each time your circumstances change. This is required even if you claim benefits or Universal Credit, or if you have notified any other departments.

Changes to your circumstances include:

  • people joining or leaving your household
  • moving home
  • changes to your income
  • you or a household member are convicted of an offence.

Being nominated to a property

New Forest Homesearch advertises properties for the council and housing associations in New Forest. Each association will have its own verification needs. You will be notified if you are successful in being nominated.

If you are nominated to one of our properties, we will carry out an additional verification process. Our properties are often ready at short notice, so you will need to provide updated proof documents quickly.

We offer different tenancy types, including Introductory Tenancies. We will confirm the tenancy type you have been offered upon nomination. Lifetime tenancies are limited to elderly and vulnerable people. This helps us make best use of our housing.

Extra support needs

As part of the Homesearch application process, you can include any extra support you need and would like us to consider.

For those already on the register, it may be appropriate to offer extra care housing. If you value your independence but may need extra support or personal care, extra care housing could be right for you. We work with Hampshire County Council to ensure that extra care housing is offered to those who need it. Further checks are required to determine eligibility.

Our Homesearch application process is designed to be simple and easy to follow. If you require extra help completing the application, contact us using the details below.

Housing Allocation Policy

Our Housing Allocation Policy helps us to determine if you are eligible to join the register. It also helps us award a priority. We place emphasis on your housing need, rather than using a simple waiting list. Your place on the register can go up or down.

Housing Allocation Policy 2019 (PDF) [528KB] (opens new window)

Contact details

If you need to speak with us about social housing, call 023 8028 5222 Option 3. The phone lines are currently open:

  • Monday: 2pm - 5:15pm
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 2pm - 5:15pm
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 2pm - 4:45pm

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