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Local economy data

For businesses that are looking to invest in the New Forest, we publish facts, figures and research on our local economy.

If your business needs local information to inform your business or investment plan, contact our Economic Development Team by phone to 023 8028 5735 or by email to

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Economic Profile 2022

This profile was commissioned by New Forest District Council as an update to the 2018 profile and to form part of an evidence base that will be used by the council to inform strategies, plans and help shape priorities for the district.

The evidence base (Economic Profile) focuses on the New Forest District and its five sub areas. It covers a number of important policy areas in some detail grouped under three broad themes: economy and business, population and labour market, and skills and occupations.

The report does not contain New Forest economic projections.

You can download our current Economic Profile below.

New Forest Economic Profile 2022 (PDF) [5MB] (opens new window)

Economic Development Strategy 2018-2023

The New Forest economy is hugely diverse; diverse in terms of the businesses located within, the geographical landscape of the district and the workforce which shapes the local economy.

Although the New Forest is predominantly rural, it does not mean that it cannot be ambitious in striving for higher value jobs, ensuring a skilled workforce and benefit from greater connectivity. The district council seeks to create an environment which offers opportunities for young people, poses an attractive option for business investment and delivers a culture in which indigenous businesses can thrive. These objectives are not delivered at the expense of the traditional local economy but if achieved in the correct manner, will add value to them.

This strategy sets out a vision to tackle the identified barriers to growth in five key themes:

  • developing a skilled workforce
  • increasing growth and productivity
  • developing local infrastructure
  • facilitating vibrant towns and villages
  • promoting the unique New Forest offer

Through this strategy, we seek to create an environment which:

  • offers opportunities for young people
  • poses an attractive option for business investment
  • delivers a culture in which indigenous businesses can thrive.

We are committed to working in partnership with other organisations to deliver the strategy's objectives.

You can download our current Economic Development Strategy below.

New Forest Economic Development Strategy 2018-23 (PDF) [3MB] (opens new window)

Indices of deprivation

This study looks at levels of deprivation among the population of New Forest. 

You can download the indices of deprivation reports below.

New Forest Indices of Deprivation 2019 (PDF) [163KB] (opens new window)

New Forest Indices of Deprivation Map 2019 (PDF) [382KB] (opens new window)

Waterside Profile

This profile of the Waterside was commissioned by NFDC. You can download the report below.

Waterside Profile (PDF) [558KB]

Other sources of data

Hampshire County Council also produces Facts and Figures on a County and District Council level. This information  includes data and reports from their Economic & Business Intelligence Service

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