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Fire doors

Fire doors are specially manufactured doors installed on flat entrances and in communal corridors.

When we refer to a fire door, this includes not only the door (or leaf) itself but also to the doorframe, seals, glazing, hinges, any hold-open device, and hardware and it's important that they work correctly to be fully effective.

Importance of fire doors

Fire doors are an essential part of the fire safety system and provide critical protection within a building such as escape routes (stairs and corridors) and places of relative safety, and in separating different fire hazards in a building.

They provide protection against the spread of fire and smoke, giving increased likelihood that occupants of the building can escape to safety.

Fire doors, what not to do

You should not alter your fire door in any way, such as painting over seals, cutting vision holes, drilling holes for locks or screw or nail anything into the door.

Once the door has been compromised it may need replacing. You should never disconnect the fire door closer.

It's essential to the integrity of the door that it's closed in the event of a fire.

Doors which do not close properly can allow fire and smoke to spread into the corridor with serious consequences.

Also, ensure that the door has not been propped open or blocked, whether on purpose or by accident.

How to know if your door is a fire door

As a general rule, if you live in a flat or maisonette and share a communal escape route, then yes it is. If you live in a house or bungalow, then it isn't.

Problems with a fire door

If you have a problem with a fire door please contact us:

Telephone: 023 8028 5222


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