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Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan

The Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan will go to a public referendum on 4 July 2024.

Notice of Referendum (PDF) [51KB]

New Forest District Council has reviewed the modifications and confirmed at its meetings of Cabinet (1 May 2024) and Full Council (13 May 2024) that the Neighbourhood Plan (as modified) can proceed to a public referendum.  The plan and accompanying documentation are available below.

Voters are now required to show a form of photographic identification at polling stations before they are able to cast their vote. Find out more about Voter ID.


Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Version May 2024 (PDF) [4MB]

High Resolution version of maps (PDF) [2MB]

Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan - NFDC Decision Statement_March 2024.pdf (PDF) [271KB]

Appendix A - Ringwood Strategic Masterplan (PDF) [10MB]

Appendix B - Ringwood Design Guidance and Codes (PDF) [57MB]

Appendix C - Ringwood Local Distinctiveness SPD (PDF) [16MB]

Information Statement for Voters Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan 2024 (PDF) [409KB]

Basic Conditions Statement (PDF) [247KB]

Consultation Statement (PDF) [22MB]

Schedule of Evidence

Complete consultation responses received

Ringwood Draft Neighbourhood Plan Examiners Report (PDF) [305KB]

Examiner procedural letter and questions (PDF) [214KB]

General Information Document on Town and Country Planning_Ringwood 2024 (PDF) [118KB]


Further information on the neighbourhood plan

The designation of Ringwood Parish as a neighbourhood area was confirmed by us on 3 February 2021.

Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan Application (PDF) [1MB]

Most of the parish in in the planning jurisdiction of New Forest District Council, except for areas to the east and south-east of the town that lie within the New Forest National Park Authority area (NFNPA).  Both authorities have provided advice to the town council. 

On 26 July 2023 the Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan (RNP) was approved for submission by Ringwood Town Council and in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations a final period to comment on the Neighbourhood Plan period was carried out before both the Neighbourhood Plan and the representations made are considered by an independent examiner. 

The 6 week period of consultation ended on 29 September 2023, views and comments were sought from both residents and interested stakeholders on the proposed plan.  The representations received are available below and were considered by the independent examiner.

The Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to an independent examiner (Mr David Hogger of Intelligent Plans and Examinations) on 21 November 2023.

The period for public examination of the plan has now been completed, and the Examiner has published a final report.

The report and the examiners original procedural letter and questions can be found above. 

The Examiner's Report concludes that, subject to the modifications set out in his report, the draft Neighbourhood Plan meets the regulatory Basic Conditions.

The Examiner recommends that the Plan, once modified, should proceed to Referendum on the basis that it has met all the relevant legal requirements.

The Examiner also concluded that the Referendum area does not need to be extended beyond the designated area to which the Plan relates.


Next Steps

A Neighbourhood Plan is a statutory planning document setting out planning policies for the development and use of land. The Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan covers the full Ringwood Parish area with a particular focus on Ringwood town.   

Once adopted (or 'made'), the Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan would become part of New Forest District Council and New Forest National Park Authority development plans and would be used when determining planning applications in the Ringwood Parish area, along with all other relevant plans and policies. 











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